Re: cohousing: self-sufficient community
From: Cinda Lester (
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 21:42:54 -0600

Once again, I am writing in regard to my thesis project [DOwntown Boise 
Redevlopment Plan, specifically urban housing issues, and I'm now 
concentrating on going towards a cohousing habitat with allowablilty for 
subsidized/supported/affordable/lowincome units interspersed with others].

I am wondering if there would be any response from you, the list at 
large, to a survey I might post asking about your personal experiences and 
thoughts towards your cohousing living.  If there wont be response or 
interest in what I'm doing, I won't bother posting it...thats' why I 
thought I'd ask.

And I don't want you to think that this is the research portion of my 
project that I'm trying to pawn off on YOU guys...  
I'm this doing on my own to try to best facilitate for the needs of 
people in the downtown Boise area, as well as figure out the perceptions 
that are common from surrounding neighbors.  I'm somewhat afraid that 
this sort of living arrangement may not work in this particular sector of 
Boise, but....who knows.  I'd liek to know what actual residents opposed to a few folks who've written an article or book...

So...any takers?


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