Re: Cohousing and Individuals With "Disabilities"
From: Michael John Omogrosso (
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 10:20:11 -0600

PC should be termed "personally centric."  My point is not to say you wer 
not PC for you did brave to ask the question of accomodation, but to 
sayif you wish to know how to accomodate other-abled folks physically or 
socially, ask specific persons or groups: it varies in every case.  I 
used the term alterabled in cconversation with a work-injured amputee and 
she offendedly said, "I am handicapped."  It is a sticky wicket any way 
it is viewed.  Again. that yopu are seeking to be inclusive is glorious!!

 East Blair Housing Coop has a poor track record of addressing the issues 
and actively seeking other-abled members.  Looking to our own history my 
shed some light on problems and potentail answers for the future.

One tenant was memory deficit.  I'm not recalling the medical reason, but 
the drugs prescribed for the condition created the memory problem.  As it 
turned out, though the tenant was open about the problem, after several 
months of meetings consistenly being missed, the  tenant began to fall 
out of favor.  NO ONE wanted to take on the responsibility of physicll 
reminding this well meaning and quite politically active soul (this 
person left the coop under peer pressure which caused a division in the 

Several years later another tenant with an ailment which sapped energy, 
leving them prone to illness, joined EBHC.  We must have learned 
something, for arrangements for missed meetings due to medical reasons 
now exist.

There must be a commitment from the community to provide added energy if 
the intent of the community is to provide support for other-abled 
neighbors--particularly if the condition is advanced or severe.  THe 
level of support must be clearly understood by all members, otherwise 
discontent will rot a splended idea and one that suits the mission of 
coops and coho alike.

Peace, Bob.

Come and visit at the Oregon Country Fair this summer(Community Village, 
Spirit Booth, Om Circle--just ask for OM).

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