Re: public use of coho facilities & liability
From: MelaSilva (
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 10:43:50 -0600
In a message dated 96-01-17 12:39:04 EST, you write:

>The social  issues with outside kids using the playground dwarf the legal
>ones in our experience.
> It can also mean having to supervise other people kids, without being
>asked, or without wanting to.
  Our small kids playground is for use only by our kids and their invited
guests. Our basketball hoop became the star of the neighborhood and the bane
of our existance in one long noisy day. A small group formed and set rules. A
wooden box was made and fastened to the hoop with a bike chain and lock. If
any one from inside or outside cohousing want to play, it is open from 4-6.
At 6 it is closed. From 7-9 our kids can reopen it, but it is not open to
anyone from the neighborhood unless one of our kids invites them. This works
well It also showed us that we could take chances and deal with resulting
  We still haven't dealt with the issue of skateboarding. Any suggestions?

Mela Silva
Southside Park
Sacramento CA

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