RE: Build it and they will come?
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 11:35:15 -0600
I agree with Rob, he writes:

>I would imagine, without having something more concrete than plans, how
>would you know if this lifestyle change felt right?  I think the notion that
>once people EXPERIENCE a flavor of community, they are attracted, and thus
>the notion, build it and they will come is true, but you don't really get to
>experience that until you've lived together for a year or so, then the
>abstract notion of community becomes reality.

At Songaia, which is actually one of nearest communities to Sharingwood
(where Rob lives), we have community meals every week (we are currently a
residential community as well as a co-housing project under development).
We often invite prospective members to these, following a tour of our
land (which includes seeing the siteplan).

We also schedule periodic "open events," including a major May Day/
Earth Day celebration that we've been hosting for several years now. This
is a wonderful way to meet people and let them know about what we
are up to without a "sales" feel.

I believe that most people make the decision to join us at Songaia more
for the human relationships that are suggested than for the specific
facilities we have already created or planned.

On January 27th we are hosting an Open House to celebrate the recent
approval of our Planned Residential Development application by Snohomish
County. You
are invited!

Information on this event and our community in general is now posted on our
new website (

Craig Ragland
Songaia Cooperative

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