New Name in S. Florida
From: Cbwhy (
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 10:12:40 -0600
Hello Friends-
Those of you who have heard of us here in South Florida or who met us in
Boulder knew us by our group name of Broward Commons. Well- the long and the
short of it is that, because we picked land out of Broward County- we felt we
had to change the name. No easy task as those of you out there might know. It
seemed that everyone else's name was perfect, but all of our suggestions were
flawed. Finally- we set a date- made some food (always a mood neutralizer in
our group) and sat out on a sunny day to talk. In about 1/2 an hour, a name
some of us liked in the past- Synergy Cohousing-   crept up. Those who didn't
like it earlier  began to really like it and before we knew it- we agreed. I
think there was something in the pancakes ( or the very fattening maple
syrup) but- sure enough- by the end of the meeting we were Synergy Cohousing.

It seems like everyone has an opinion about it (too technical, computer-like,
 too obvious, just perfect, what does it mean?) but as far as I'm concerned,
this decision is behind us.

Personally I liked Compromise Commons- has a ring, don't you think.For those
of you who remember the 'Southernmost' conversation a few months ago, when,
in trying out the name I was scolded by those in the Southern Hemisphere, I
just want you to know I fought against the name to a very strong contingent
who I happen to be married to.
I love Consensus.
In the Sun and in Community.
Corey Yugler
Synergy Cohousing

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