Internet mentor / volunteers for cohousing folks wanted
From: Fred H Olson WB0YQM (
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 10:17:31 -0600
As the list manager of Cohousing-L, people interested in cohousing 
(at various levels) but who are new to the Internet contact me 
from time to time.   It would be very useful
to have a list of names of people who would be willing to
correspond by email to help them learn the ropes.  Then I would
introduce a mentor to the newcomer and let them help each other.
(Teachers learn a lot when they try to teach...)

So if you like to meet new people, are willing to help newcommers
in a supportive way and know your way around the net enough to be 
helpful, and have the time to respond to questions fairly promptly,
send me a message directly.  
(Please use the Subject: "Internet Mentor")

Include the systems you are familiar with e.g. 

Operating systems:  Windows, Mac, MSDOS, Unix
Access providers:   AOL, IGC, Compuserve, Unix based IAP's etc
Mailers:            Eudora, Pine 
Web browsers:       Netscape, Lynx

I particularly need people who know AOL since I have
no experience with it and many newcommers start with AOL.

Name ____________________________________

Email Address____________________________

Systems You Know :
Operating systems: ________________________

Access providers:______________________


Web browsers:_____________________________



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1221 Russell Av N, Minneapolis,MN 55411 Sysop of COHOUSING-L listserv;
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