Fwd: Re: Voluntary Simplicity Subscription Info
From: Mmariner (Mmarineraol.com)
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 11:12:46 -0600
I was glad to hear several cohousing folks were interested in the list server
about "voluntary simplicity."  A healthy trend, I'd say.  So, I finally found
the instructions for getting to the VS list -- attached below.

There's a lot of interesting, thoughtful, heartful discussion on the VS list,
but I'll warn you there are also a few bozos and some occasional strident BS.
 But when your  "BS detector" rings, just activate your "bozo filter" and hit
your delete key when you see a bozo's name in the "from" line.  

There is, I feel, a powerful intersection between voluntary simplicity and
cohousing.  Living cooperatively can be a significant way to downscale

I'd also like to put in a heartfelt, uncompensated plug the Context
Institute's quarterly hard copy magazine,  In Context, "a journal of hope,
sustainability and change."  I've subscribed for a few years.  Although I
discontinued many mags I used to get as not worth the ecological cost of the
paper, I kept "In Context" because there's a lot of hopeful wisdom in each
issue and the information ages well.  Each issue has a theme that is covered
by many authors from many different aspects.  The editors and publishers are
hip to cohousing and intentional communities -- they live/have lived at
Winslow Cohousing on Bainbridge Island across the sound from Seattle.

Address:  PO Box 11470,
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Web site:  http://www.context.org
E-mail ci [at] context.org
Subscriptions:  1-800-462-6683

Mike M
Forwarded message:
From:   mtracy [at] ix.netcom.com (Martin Tracy)
To:     incontext [at] power.net
Date: 95-12-23 01:21:13 EST

Some of you have recently experienced difficulties unsubscribing.  For the 
most part, the subscription/unsubscription software is working well.  We get 
about 20 automatic subscriptions/unsubscriptions each week.  To unsubscribe, 
please carefully send the following e-mail message:

To: incontext-request [at] power.net
Subject: <doesn't matter>
Text: unsubscribe

If you use upper case rather than lower case, add a period, etc. etc., it is 
NOT going to work, so please be careful.  I cannot yet unsubscribe/subscribe 
anyone remotely, so I have to take the request to the internet provider on a 
case by case basis, which takes a lot of time.

If your subscription/unsubscription fails, please carbon copy to me the 
response you get from the incontext-request mailing program.

You wrote: 
>I am sorry to send this to the whole list but I have tried everything to be
>unsubscribed. Please mister postman unsubscribe me or help me do it.  

Martin Tracy, Los Angeles
mtracy [at] ix.netcom.com

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