Apologies to Earth First!
From: William Thornton (William_ThorntonBayNetworks.COM)
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 15:23:39 -0600
Sorry that I implied that Earth First! is motivated by "atavistic and
romantic impulses," in my recent message.  I should learn to be more
sensitive.  My only experience with Earth First!  was attending a convocation
somewhere up in Northern California, which I attended because I greatly
admire their courage and commitment to the environment.  I wound up feeling
kind of ashamed to be human and that maybe the best thing I could do was lie
down in the forest, cover myself with moss, and wait until I became worthy of
feeding creatures better than myself, like worms and mychrorhyzae!  However,
my response was mostly due to my own state of depression at the time (and the
rainy weather and my lack of adequate equipment for being out in it). 

I promise to be more careful about distributing whatever disappointment or
cynicism I feel.  I know that if I want to be the hundredth monkey (or help
increment God's counter) I'd better have hope and see the positive in the
efforts of others. 
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