Re: land trusts & Cohousing
From: Shava Nerad (
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 13:27:23 -0600
> As a culture, although we have created some major land preserves in the
> guise of national parks and wilderness areas, the oldest of these is barely
> 100 years old. There are some private nature reserves older than that, but
> not by much and so there is little legal history for private management of
> land in perpituity.  I want to create a place where nature stands forever
> where my spirit will wander all eternity with the trees and flowers.  

*deep sigh*  My faith in the idea of the management of public lands in 
perpetuity is a little bruised since I moved West.  The Forest Service
and the BLM seem to be not the best folks to trust land to.  Have you
looked into the Nature Conservancy?  I don't know much in depth about them,
but they would probably be a source of good supporting legal advice for

who wants to think about trees & flowers, rather than lawyers & contracts,
but is willing to do the nasty work up front...then settle in to 
enjoy the trees & flowers for 1000 years or so...

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