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Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 09:06:19 -0500
Hey thanks  for the reading suggestions so far, I'll look into them.  The 
Institute fro Community Economics has a reading list which includes many 
articles from its newletter in collected format and the two definative 
community land trust books "The Community Land Trust Handbook" and "The 
Community Land Trust Legal Manual" which are also availible at libraries 
and book stores.  
Their address is 57 School Street, Sprinfield MA. 01150, 413-746-8660  
(fax  -8862).  They are the leading promoter of CLTs and provide 
technical assitance it the set up and administration of CLTs. 

On the Net I have found on piece by John Rivett (sic) that is a very good 
overview of the CLT essence and nice try at tying it into the luddite 
movement (unless my jumbled brain has confused itself once more).  Do a 
search on Community Land Trust and you'll find it fast.  I hope to have a 
reading list and my own brief historical and current perspective on the 
CLT movement on a web page within the month for your perusal.

The following is a spotty list (some of which I have not found a copy to 
read yet) of an electronic library  search using community land trust.  
Other word combinations may turn up more reading.

Record 2 of 2
IAC #        12950039(IAC)
AUTHOR       Matthei, Chuck.
TITLE        US land reform movements: the theory behind the practice.
               (provision of affordable housing to poor families) (Land
               Reform) by Chuck Matthei.
APPEARS IN   Social Policy 0037-7783 1992, v22, n4, Spring, p36(10)
SUBJECT      Housing policy --Economic aspects.
             Land trusts --Management.
             Land reform --Management.
             United States.
             United States --Housing.

AUTHOR       Lederman, Jess.
TITLE        Pioneering new affordable strategies.
DESCRIPT     p. 62-68 : Maps, Graphs.
APPEARS IN   Mortgage Banking 1995, v55n12, Sep p. 62-68 (5 pages) 
MOB 0730-
               0212 MOBAAX.
NOTE         Photocopy available from ABI/INFORM 8126.01.
             Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is one example of many resort 
               that have serious affordable-housing problems.  The 
               home price is more than $500,000.   To give working 
people a
               chance to obtain an equity stake in town, the Jackson 
               Community Housing Trust was formed to create 
               affordable ownership housing.  The Trust opted to 
               resale restrictions via lease restrictions, which are 
               through the community land trust model.  The Trust is 
               motivated to acquire land and build housing before 
               development makes it cost prohibitive, and ground 
lease fees
               are a good source of cash flow without being a real 
               burden to the homeowner.
COMPNY NAME  Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust.

Record 1 of 4 IAC #        
12950037(IAC) AUTHOR       Baker, Andrew.
TITLE        This land is not for sale. (opportunity to own home through
               community land trust in Norwich, Connecticut) (Land 
Reform) by
               Andrew Baker.
DESCRIPT     ill. (photograph)
APPEARS IN   Social Policy 0037-7783 1992, v22, n4, Spring, p24(12)
SUBJECT      Land trusts --Laws, regulations, etc.
             Home ownership --Laws, regulations, etc.
             Norwich, Connecticut --Housing.
Record 2 of 4
IAC #        09113467(IAC)
AUTHOR       Zuckman, Jill.
TITLE        Congress permits bargaining for housing trust funds. (collective
               bargaining) by Jill Zuckman.
DESCRIPT     ill. (photograph)
APPEARS IN   Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report 0010-5910 1990, v48, n14,
               April 7, p1079(1)

 AUTHOR: Soifer, Steven D.
       TITLE: The Burlington Community Land Trust:  A Socialist Approach to
              Affordable Housing?
JOURNAL NAME: Journal of urban affairs.
  VOL, ISSUE: Volume 12, Number 3
       PAGES: 237-252
        YEAR: 1990
        TYPE: Article
        ISSN: 0735-2166
  J ALT NAME: Urban interest Urban affairs papers
    LANGUAGE: English

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