RE: Childcare during meetings
From: Michael Omogrosso (
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 08:02:48 -0500
While East Blai is technically not a coho, who's counting? 

We have a child care proviso for assiting parents, particularly singles, 
to achieve our meeting requirements--couple committee, a general 
membership, a couple work parties.  Either the coop hires a pair of 
providers for large meeting or a member can get meeting or work 
party credit respectively for providing care  at the committee 
level, or where needed, individuals can get reimbursed for a sitter.

when a cooper provides care, it is suggested that they don't do that as 
their only means to get meeting etc. credit and new members are asked to 
attend rather than provide. 

Though the  quote, "It take s a whole village to raise a child" may be on 
the verge of trite, it is none the less our long standing motto.  We 
(you included)care about community and so eventually see this 
next generation respnsibility as one to be shared.

Michael Omogrosso 
East Blair Housing Cooperative 
864 W. 4th Ave. #3, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA
omo [at]    541-344-8444
photographer, community land trust advocate

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