childcare at meetings
From: Steve Farley (
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 14:24:48 -0500
We at Tucson Neighborhood Development decided a couple months ago that the
group would pay for childcare at our bi-weekly general meetings, at
introductory slide shows, and at introductory orientations, but committee
meetings would be up to committee members.

Some of the parents (but none of the non-parents) felt uncomfortable with
this arrangement, so we left open the possibility of people making separate
donations for childcare. As it turns out, we seem to be backing into a
rotating-parent payment model for general meeting childcare, mostly because
some of us parents feel guilty about all the money going out monthly when
the group has other priorities for our limited funds.

In any case, everyone agrees that it is crucial to provide childcare if we
are to get the most out of parents at a meeting. Without childcare, onle
one parent of a couple can come, and single parents are up the proverbial


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