Cohousing in Pacific NW, CA
From: Jpfortier (
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 07:21:11 -0500
We are considering moving to Washington State in the next year or so, and
would like to learn more about cohousing in that area while we are visiting
this summer.  What cohousing communities exist (say from Olympia to the
Canadian border), and might it be possible to
visit/talk/respectfully-but-not-intrusively get a sense of what cohousing
living is like? We will also be in the San Francisco area and could meet
people there too.

We are public health advisor (Alex) and a home-based health policy consultant
(Julia), in our 30s, planning to start a family soon, and looking for a saner
lifestyle and more community ties than are easy to find in Washington DC.

We appreciate any responses, either to the list or to us directly at
jpfortier [at]

Julia and Alex

PS:  This is a great list and we've already learned a lot.  The whole
discussion on consensus resources is also really useful for the
community-based health work we do.

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