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From: Holly Sammons (hsammonslocalnet.com)
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 09:59:21 -0500
I know this is not cohousing related but it does seem community minded.
Thought maybe some of you could respond.

>Subject: science fair
>>>      Hi, our names are Stevie and Amanda. We are in the
>>>5th grade at the Phillipston Memorial school, Phillipston, Massachusetts,
>>>USA. We are doing a science project on the Internet. We want to see how
>>>responses we can get back in two weeks. (We are only sending out 2
>>>Please respond and then send this letter to anyone you communicate with on
>>>the Internet. Respond to smc [at] tiac.net.
>>>    1. Where do you live (state and country)?
>>>    2. From whom did you get this letter?
>>>                                            Thank you,
>>>                                            Stevie and Amanda

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