Coho opportunity in Georgia
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 23:19:54 -0500
Dear Frank,

If you are really trying to "recruit" cohousing types to live at Kinney
Ridge, you had better tell the coho list what is cohousing about the
project. Sounds like you are selling 2+ acre lots nearby the large lots of
other warm friendly people. I thought that in a cohousing community kids as
young as toddlers could, for example, run in and out of each others' houses,
and that if I fell down in front of my house several people would come to my
aid without my calling for help. I'd also assume that dropping in to the
common house at other than meal times should be just about as easy as going
into my own house. 

So, how many houses will be in your project in each phase? Will you have a
common house and will it be built first, last or in the middle?  Next month
I'm going to visit Sharingwood and see how the lot -development model works
there, but frankly, I'm concerned that any model that requires people to
park right at their houses (necessary when the lots are large like yours)
will have to make extraordinary efforts to keep connected. 

With Curiosity,


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