Examiner article/Fairfax "cohousing
From: MartyR707 (MartyR707aol.com)
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 23:28:22 -0500
<<I saw this article in the paper about a community in Marin County, a
county just north of San Francisco. Are they really cohousing? Did the
residents design it? Are they all rentals? How can they afford full time
staff? Who is Innovative Housing? Anybody know?>>

I saw the article too.  A friend said, "I saw a story about a cohousing
project built in Fairfax!"  I said I knew of no such project and would have
so close to home  (about 30 miles from me).  she sent me the article.  I
think they are using the term cohousing loosely at best.  Should we call them
on it?  Innovative Housing is a nonprofit affordable housing organization.  I
don't know much about them.  I think Katie Mc... of the Cohousing book knows
Dan Solomon, the architect.  We could ask her to get on his case - or at
least tell us more about it.

The article does imply that several families share the same kitchen which
could cause us trouble with our image.

I know of other Innovative Housing projects where they buy a large house and
then several families rent it together to save on rent - often single
mothers.  It's used often to get homeless people on their feet.  This
probably follows that model - nice idea but not really cohousing.  The
Fairfax one seems to have been developer/architect designed and built -
renters live there now.

Marty Roberts
Santa Rosa - Jewell Hill Cohousing
**We get to program our common house soon!!**

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