Re: "What is (or isn't) cohousing" revisited.
From: MelaSilva (
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 11:22:32 -0500
   If people at Vest Pocket rent rooms and have a resident manager, is this
more like a dorm? Do they have any role in decision making other than
choosing whether or not they will do their chores on time without being
   I have spoken to people who are attempting to run low income housing with
a make believe "community" of unwilling renters who have no real choices or
imput. If they are successful in calling this "cohousing" then cohousing will
become a curse word in certain communities as has "redevelopment". I know
nothing about the group who built Vest Pocket, and I am not condemning them
at all. 
   I am strongly in favor of MIXED INCOME housing, including offering rentals
mixed in with owner occupied homes.  

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