Call for Articles - Arts/Creativity & Community
From: Hank Obermayer (
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 21:44:45 -0500
Hi everyone,

This is an introductory letter I've been sending out as a call for
articles.  Please feel free to pass it on to others you think would be

Dear Folks,

I am the Guest Editor for the Winter 1996 issue of Communities magazine,
which has the theme "Arts & Creativity in Community."  As many of you know,
Communities is a 76-page quarterly about intentional communities (including
cohousing) in North America, published by the Fellowship for Intentional
Community, the same people who publish the large Communities Directory.

I'm writing to invite people to submit a articles, photos, other images,
and/or poetry for the "Arts & Creativity" issue.  I'm looking forward to
hearing from interested folks.

Some communities have arts as their primary purpose for being a community.
Others consider arts & creativity an essential part of their spiritual
expression.  What brings your community to arts, and what role do arts &
creativity play in your community?  How do your arts & creativity shape
your community?

Communities magazine seeks to address many of the following questions in
the "Arts & Creativity" issue.  Please touch on some (or all) of these
issues if you would like to send an article:

1. Does your community have arts/creativity as a focus or one of its purposes
   (or main purpose)?

        Does your community use arts/creativity as a means toward your
        Does your community use arts/creativity as a way to make money?

2. What kinds of arts/creativity happen in your community?
   What are they used for?

        Why is arts/creativity important to your community?
                What values bring you to arts?
        Does creativity help your community meet its purposes?  How?

3. Does your community bring its arts/creativity to people outside the community
   (teaching, performing, healing, etc.)?

        For what purpose?

4. How does the cultural make-up of your group (class, race, ethnicity, age,
   etc) influence its perspective on arts?  And the reverse?

5. What kinds of support does your community provide for arts/creativity?

        physical spaces, supplies & tools, time, money, etc.

6. Here are some ideas of why you might have arts in your community:

        bring joy to others, give others access to creativity, joy for self,
        self expression, communicating ideas to others, mutual support for
        artists, creating a richer, more beautiful human environment

If you, or anyone in a community you belong to, feels inspired by any of
these topics, I would like to hear from you.  We're seeking articles for a
broad audience, 800-2500 words in length.  You don't have to be an
experienced or polished writer, or ever have been published before.  If you
simply have a story to tell, I would like to hear from you.

If you would like to write an article (or poem, or send in graphics, etc.)
for Communities magazine, the deadline for receiving articles is July 15th.
Please contact me as soon as possible though, by mail (PO Box 40216, San
Francisco, CA 94140), e-mail (hobermayer [at] or phone
(415/824-5224), in order to receive the Writers' Guidelines for

The issue will not necessarily contain all the articles (or poems) sent in,
but everyone who submits an article (and who has arranged to do so in
advance) will receive a free copy of the "Arts & Creativity" issue as
thanks.  Everyone whose article is used receives a free one-year
subscription (four issues) or four copies of the "Arts & Creativity" issue
- your choice.  Communities magazine reserves the right to edit, shorten,
not use, or reserve for a future issue any submissions.

Especially for this issue, Communities could use accompanying material:
black & white or color photos, black & white graphics & illustrations,
suggestions for highlighted or gray-boxed material , etc.  Graphics should
be in focus, and ideally, have high contrast and good composition.  We will
take good care of any loaned materials and return them after use.

Thank you for considering writing for Communities.  I'm looking forward to
hearing from you!

In Cooperation,

Hank Obermayer
Guest Editor

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