Re: Developers
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 02:00:32 -0500
1. Where is Oceano? Could it be that there will finally be cohousing to
refer people to in Southern California?

2. Jim Leach is a peach! Too bad we cannot clone him. The fall regional
(read California) cohousing conference is going to focus its Friday
afternoon session in Sacramento on developers, lenders, real estate types,
planners and the like, to educate them about cohousing and try to elicit
their interest and support. Y'all come! (Friday evening, Saturday and
perhaps Sunday AM will be for us coho types but we will try to entice some
of the Friday folks to stay for more.)

3. I live at Doyle Street and am a member of the Old Oakland Group. I can't
imagine building a cohousing community without a developer.I'm one of those
people who leans toward the model of having a developer find a site, get
site control and initial planning approvals, and only then putting together
a cohousing group around that. I'm not interested in spending five days,
five weeks, five months or five years learning how to be a developer. I'm
quite content to leave that to the professionals. Got other fish to fry,
like deciding what our poicy on pets will be. 


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