Storage space
From: MelaSilva (
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 10:15:35 -0500
Boy, what a boring subject! How could anyone care about stuff like that. 

Folks who don't have a garage, basement or attic, that's who! Folks whose
back porch is on the main walk way in the middle of the community.

Folks who have: hamster cages, baseball bats, sand toys, holiday decorations,
boxes of fabric for a future quilt, 25 empty oatmeal boxes for a classroom or
scouting project next year, empty boxes for computer equipment in case it
ever need to be shipped back to be fixed, clothes that will fit a 2 year old
in 2 or 3 years, 5 or 6 ski jackets, BBQ's, flower pots and tomatoe cages,
 etc etc etc

Just a little "If we only knew then what we know now" from a happy

Mela Silva
Southside Park 
Sacramento CA

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