RE: to develop or not to develop?
From: Rob Sandelin (Exchange) (
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 11:16:36 -0500
Many groups in Washington were resident developed: Winslow, Puget Ridge,
Talking Circle, Rosewind, Sharingwood. However, this requires at least
one, if not more, experienced developers acting as project managers.
Also, in my opinion, the resident option takes a lot of time.

I agree enough with Buzz and the notion of Nomad cohousing that I am
pursuing the creation of a cohousing development entity, working with a
developer or two, to create what may become, spec cohousing.  Build it,
then filter who buys through a pretty good group training and community
building process. 

Might end up with cohousing, might end up condos. The only difference is
the word "Community" which comes from the people, not the development.

Rob Sandelin
Who is now over 40 and old enough to know better

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