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Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 11:41:59 -0500
At Sharingwood we have a waiting list. You have to attend three
meetings, read the cohousing book, sign the principals and commitments
and pay $25 a year and sign a dated form. This list is then used to
determine the sale of our phase 2 options, should any become available.
Once our phase 2 options convert to real property the waiting list will
be discontined and I suspect we will adopt something like Nylands
resource list.

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At Nyland we have a list of interested people we refer to as our
List.  We don't call it a waiting list since that implies senority which
not true.  When a home comes up for sale, this list is given to the
member selling.  They are then free to do whatever they want with it.
We try
to get information from people on the list concerning their needs and
range.  This helps to eliminate people who would not be in interested or
capable of buying the home going up for sale.

Zev Paiss
Nyland CoHouaing, Lafayette, Colorado

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