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Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 19:14:24 -0500
Dear all,
I thought I would send a brief update on Cascade Cohousing in 
Tasmania for those who have been wondering what we've been upto over 
the past year or so while I have been unsubscribed.

We have now completed 12 out of our 14 houses and have made all of 
our common house useable (even if all the trim is not in place).  
Building wise we are concentrating on building our path system and 
putting in some land scaping, very welcome elements of the design for 
those of us who have been living on site for three years.  We are 
running 3 common meals a week and they are very popular, some people 
are interested in having 4 available per week.  My daughter (who is 
now 5) finds common meals her favourite nights of the week.  She and 
the other 4 kids on site love playing in the kids room and around the 
common house.  Our guest room is 
getting regular use, including a few visitors from the US.

Community wise I think we are generally going very well.  Issues that 
in the past we gave a low priority (even though recognising their 
importance) such as pets and the limits of what activities require 
group consent are now a high priority and taking up more time.  This 
will require revisiting our original goals and agreements and 
interpreting the language and working out whgat we want now.  We have 
those who would like the group to regulate a wide range of activities 
that potentially impact on the common property (eg caged pets that 
might escape, plants that might be weeds) and those who feel that 
except where there are direct impacts on neighbours/common property 
that the group should have no say on what happens in priovate back 
yards.  The classic issues of dogs and cats come up with questions on 
how we can limit the numbers of animals on site (eg 1 dog and 3 cats) 
but be fair to people who might want to get a pet in the future.

Vegetable gardens are going in and we look forward to some good crops 
next spring/summer.

One member is seriously considering selling their house (this will be 
our first sale since establishment) now that they have moved off site 
to live with a new partner.

Also on the cohousing front, a cohousing coooperative is likely to 
start building Hobart's (and Australia's?) second cohouse later this 
year.  This will be a rental co-operative and there will be some 
controls on rents for low income earners.

It is great to come back and see  mail here from people who are now 
building after many years of planning and hard work.

Regards to all
Ian Higginbottom

Cascade Cohousing
Hobart, Tasmania
Ian Higginbottom

Fisheries Hydroacoustics
Australian Antarctic Division
Channel Highway
Kingston, Tasmania 7004

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