RE: Group reports
From: Rob Sandelin (Exchange) (
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 10:04:45 -0500
Speaking for myself, I really enjoyed reading Higs report on Cascade
Cohousing. I would like to read other groups reports, maybe once a
quarter or so, just for an overview of where groups are at, what they
are up to.  

So, maybe to start a trend, here is a status report on Sharingwood.

Our biggest project for the last 6 months has been the constuction of
our commonhouse, of which we are doing much of the work ourselves.  The
kitchen applicances went in last week, and so almost all systems are up
and running, although kind of ragged around the edges.  We are just
beginning to discover the sorts of things we will need to run the
building and will work that out soon.

We have had a rash of new folks on site, one long standing empty home is
now full with a wonderful, very involved family of 4, and two sets of
renters have boosted our onsite population quite a bit, now at 26 adults
and 16 kids. We continue into our third year of doing community dinners,
and have added a Saturday Breakfast as well. We lost a much beloved
neighbor, a single mom, to cancer and there is still a big hole in our

Our second phase continues in the planning stages, we have hired an
engineering firm and have a preliminary engineering design for drainage
which is waiting review. All our available options have been sold, our
waiting list is growing, and we will probably make the decision how many
of the remaining four lots we want to sell in the next couple of months.

The latest hot issues are rental policy and architectural review policy,
and we have been doing some work to redefine or retouch our community
purpose and vision statement.  Some burn out is beginning to show in
some of the most active members and I was delighted to hear one
perenially involved person say, NO, to a request for their time, a
healthy indication I think.

Tommorrow we host 12 other cohousing groups for the "gathering of the
tribe" an annual cohousing intergroup event. Gonna be busy.  

Rob Sandelins tip of the day
"If I new then, what I know now, I wouldn't have, and so I couldn't know
what I know now." 

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