housing needed in East Bay, CA
From: Magenta Raine (magentacaptain.electron.org)
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 14:45:57 -0500
Hello -

I am in need of housing in the East Bay area. Preferably Berkeley, 
Emeryville or Oakland. Need to rent, a one bedroom or studio for 
$250 UP TO $350 per month. Am non-smoker, wants to be able to have 
ground floor apartment or in Bldng with Elevator.  Ability to have my 
dog visit me from time to time would be great, though not a must. I 
am physically challenged so split level houses are not good. I can 
walk a little in and around house, but use a wheelchair/car to go places. 
I'm a pretty quiet person, a writer and artist. I need to move ASAP, 
so please let me know of any openings in my price range. You can also 
fax me the info at 658-6654 in addition to e-mail at 
magenta [at] captain.electron.org

Thank you, 

Tamar Raine

(AKA Magenta)

Magenta is a writer, artist & e-mail junkie in Oakland, Ca. 
Magenta [at] captain.electron.org
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