RE: In favor of a co-developer / Wonderland Homes
From: Marci Malinowycz (
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 01:12:38 -0500
A correction for you: Puget Ridge Cohousing was built without "co-development 

We were our own developer. We benefitted from the fortunate situation of 
having highly talented members who gave a great deal of time to the project. 
One member was paid by the group, with payment deferred until completion; 
however, he put in many more hours than he was compensated for.

From:   cohousing-l [at] on behalf of Rich Lobdill
Sent:   Sunday, May 12, 1996 10:39 PM
Subject:        In favor of a co-developer / Wonderland Homes

 .  .  .
2) Every cohousing community built so far has had co-development assistance
(risk taking) from either the public or private sector.
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