COHOUSING-L digest 18 (fwd)
From: Katherine G. Hamil (
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 08:41:54 -0500
This is an addition of more information on Sherri Zann Rosenthal's post
about Arcadia and self-developement.

Much of what she said about us is true (!) but....

We now have 16 households living on-site and while it is
true that Giles Blunden did act as Project Manager during crucial times,
all our infrastructure work is NOT yet complete. Other members of the
group have stepped forward to act as project managers for various portions
of the remaining work. At the moment Carol Howlett is managing the
re-engineering of our "drainage plans" to meet the Town of Carrboro's new
more stringent requirements. Once this is finally complete and a new
revised CUP is accepted by the town we can finally start our Common House!

> I write this to give credit to our sister community, but not with any stake in
> advocating that other groups *should* go without a co-developer. In fact, I
> think some person or organization is needed to play the coordinating role 
> Giles
> did for Arcadia, and that I am providing for Eno Commons.

Thanks for the credit! We need all the positive reinforcement we can get!

        Katherine Hamil
        Arcadia Cohousing, Carrboro NC

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