Old Cohousing-L addresses linger on
From: Cohousing-L Listmgr (fholsonmtn.org)
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 08:43:48 -0500
Following this message are three messages from early in May that did
not get posted til now.  Two were sent to the old list address ...
(Mail to those addresses get forwarded to me manually for a while yet.)
Subscription and information requests still come to the old uci addresses
as well.

Please check your address books and change all addresses with "@uci.com"

If you see any old references on the WWW or the Internet (FAQ's etc)
about cohousing information "@uci.com" ; please let me know.

( Cohousing-L moved to cohousing.org as of March 1996.)

Fred H. Olson

Fred H. Olson  List manager of Cohousing-L
owner-cohousing-L [at] cohousing.org

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