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Goodbye everyone, it has been a pleasure to be on the list over these
past few years.  Our office is changing Internet providers, and I will no
longer have personal e-mail.  The management does not realize that happy
employees are productive employees (unless they spend all their time
reading about cohousing!).  I'm not happy about the loss and will miss my
morning coffee with all of you dear posters.
I guess i'll have to bite the bullet and pay for mail from home.  The
problem is getting keyboard time away from my wife and son, so I may have
to become a late night browser, or depend on you other Highline Crossing
list members to keep me current on all the latest.
Mark Frauenglass
Highline Crossing
Starting our second summer.  4 out of six buildings completed and the
rest starting this summer, dinners going two nights a week, the Garden is
composted and rototilled hurray! kids playing on the pedestrian way, deck
and porch projects to look forward to. The fox kits that live along the
canal are getting big, the birds have returned in abundance. Life goes on
in Cohousing.

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