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From: Cbwhy (
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 10:48:02 -0500
Here at Synergy we are gearing up for a big marketing push for new members to
sign on before the build stage. Our goal is to have enough members to be able
to build the entire project out in one phase. Part of that work involves
putting together promotional literature to give out besides the usual 'what
is cohousing' newclippings  of which we have many. 
I have a few questions regarding how other groups have handled or are
handling this work.
1. How important is a logo, especially in a competitive housing market.
Some members feel since we are in a very competitive busy new housing market
that we need to look professional. The don't believe grassroots will work
here. A few people feel differently. We know we can just create something
(typeface) on our computer, but should we invest in something 

2. Has anyone used professional marketing people to put together a cohesive
marketing package. If so, at what stage?
We are still doing it all ourselves but wonder if we'll need professionals at
some point.

3.Is anyone willing to share their promotional literature with us?  
When looking at others groups' materials we see how they have effectively
addressed the very same challenges we need to address. Why reinvent the
One thing I notice is that cohousing groups must constantly market
themselves. Our experience is that the best free marketing there is can be a
favorable article in the right publication. Make sure they include your phone
number. We have 3 local dailies in the 3 counties we live near and each one
has done at least one article about us. They give us lots of credibility. We
are constantly trying to figure out how to reach new ears.We try to do
  presentations to specialty groups who may not know of us. At the Boulder
conference I heard Mino Sullivan of the Cohousing Center say they spend about
$1500/new member. That made a huge impression on us and opened our minds to
parting with some cash.
We also seek out fairs of conferences where we might meet like minded souls
(Earth Day, Folk Festival ). Face to face contact is the key to getting
someone to a potluck of business meeting.

I would love to hear any comments on the list or send personally to me at
Cbwhy [at]
Also please send any materials you are willing to share to:
Corey Yugler 
710 NW 6th Ave
Dania, Fl 33004

Synergy Cohousing- Will be the first North American cohousing to have a pool
(Is that tempting or what?).

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