Help Promote COHOUSING!
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 11:47:39 -0500
Hello everyone in cohousing land. <><><><><><><><><>*<><><><><>
><><><><><><><><><><>  Gary from Synergy here.  
I wanted all of you to know about an upcoming event that we're involved with.
The event promotes the national movement as well as the participating

At this moment, Liberty Village and Synergy are sharing the costs of the
acquisition of a booth at the World Futurist Society's International
Conference on July 15th through 18th.  We're also sharing an ad, for
cohousing in their Futurist Magazine.  The deals have been made and we will
be occupying booth 414 at the event.  Several thousand people will be in

We need other groups to help us man/woman the 'Cohousing' booth, participate
in expenses for the ad(s) and booth. Most importantly, to help us create a
presence and continue to spread the concepts of cohousing.  Ann Zabaldo, a
real estate lawyer in DC, who's hot about cohousing is setting a goal of
10,000 cohousing communities by the year 2025.

*******~~~~~~Contact us for accurate costs and timeframes.~~~~~~*******

Can you remember back to the way things were in 1972? It was a long time ago,
but not that long ago. Wow  .................. 10,000 ( cohousing communities
) in 28 years! 

Contact our point babe (Person) {my wife} Corey Yugler  954- 921-0434  and 
cbwhy [at] 
Me - Gary Shlifer - <<Same number as my wife>> the shlife [at]
Just three or four more communities would make it cost effective and
extremely fun for all of us. The event will be a blast, and Washington is
fantastic in the Summer.  Join us.



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