New bestselling book spotlights cohousing
From: Leni Reed (
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 21:24:34 -0500
As you know, the popular press constantly bemoans the lack of community, but
when it comes to talking about solutions, cohousing is overlooked (at least
as far as I can see).  

Now the good news.  The new bestselling book, Clicking, by Faith Popcorn
(trend guru to Fortune 500 companies) and Lys Marigold has 2 1/2 pages about
cohousing under the subchapter heading, "Communal Clanning: Family by
Choice."  After reading this section, I felt that these authors have a good
sense of what cohousing is all about.  For example, they say that it's a
"newer kind of community living that was pioneered in Denmark, Sweden, and
the Netherlands (the sensible countries) about twenty years ago, and is
finding acceptance here."  They add that it's like "a return to small-town
life, when you knew -- and helped out -- all your neighbors."  

Furthermore, they say that cohousing is a BIG trend -- not a fad! They
state: "...we think co-housing will Click in the decade and century ahead.
...maybe someday we'll be watching the evening news on Election Night and
hear reports on how the "co-housing vote" is swinging.  Because co-housing
-- and the tightly knit new Clans it creates -- promises to be the that big
a phenomenon." 


By the way.  Here's a thought, or rather a few thoughts.  Those of us who
have the time and interest, could contact the authors, Faith and Lys, and
congratulate them on recognizing the cohousing trend.  In addition, we could
offer to provide them with additional info on co-housing. (Maybe even The
CoHousing Network would want to give these authors an "award" for the first
non-architect to mention cohousing in a popular book, if that's the case!)  

The address for Faith Popcorn is:
Faith Popcorn
c/o Author Mail
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd street
New York, NY 10022-5299

I think that contacting Faith (the only author I was able to get an address
for) will help the cause of cohousing (or at least not hurt it).  Here's
why.  It will confirm to her that she was right on the mark when she said
there's a groundswell of interest in cohousing.  It will also keep cohousing
"on her brain."  And you never know.  One of our letters might come to her
attention on the very day that she speaks to 15,000 bankers . . . or goes on
the Today Show.  
Of course, our mail won't ensure that she'll highlight cohousing in her
talks etc., but it might help.  What do you think?

Leni Reed Nazare
Loudon County EcoVillage, a cohousing community that will be built near
Taylorstown, Virginia.  (ssavvy [at]

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