Re: Synergy update
From: Eric D. Hart (
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 22:25:36 -0500
Gary Shlifer boasts on this list:

>There's no bout a doubt it. Synergy Cohousing will be the most comprehensive
>community in Florida and elsewhere.  We call ourselves a sustainable
>cohousing community that makes sense.
        So what exactly are you doing that is sustainable?  How do you
define what is sustainable and evaluate the alternatives?  Lots of
communities talk about sustainable design during the design phase but many
of those things fall through the cracks when push comes to shove.  How will
you assure that these things actually get into the homes you actually live
in?  Have you found an architect that has a clue about these sorts of things
and will find a way to make it happen?  I want all kinds of sustainable
things to get into cohousing communities but am just commenting on what has
happened with other communities trying to do these things.  

>There is now doubt that Synergy will be a  role model for international
>mainstream and cohousing community alike. 
        How will it be a role model?  With such claims I like to know the
details about what is different about your community so I can evaluated the
claim.  Can't let such boasting go unchallenged.  :-)  We definitely want to
know what is so great about your community and try it ourselves!

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