Re: Newly Merged "Sustainable Communities" List
From: jekke xonee (
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 09:25:23 -0500
More detailed info:
> If Coho-L doesn't provide you with enough email traffic and you're interested
> in Eco-villages and sustainability in general, SUSTAIN-L and the Ecovillage
> List have recently combined into ECOBALANCE.  Diverse topics being discussed
> include diverse building materials, status of various ecovillages, various
> aspects of land stewardship, etc.

You can get a sense of the intent of the list by examining the welcome 
message, which is posted in hypermail format at

> Alternatively, if you DON'T want more email traffic but would like to monitor
> ECOBALANCE from time to time, point your web browser to:
> to access the archives of the mail list (along with
> COHOUSING-L archives).  If the ECOBALANCE archives aren't there yet, give CSF
> a few weeks - the lists only merged in the last couple weeks.

The archives are indeed there (as are the archives to SUSTAIN), and can 
be accessed directly at

Public thanks and appreciation to Michael Yount at CSF for assuming the 
role of archivist.  He has done and is doing a great job.

jekke xonee
confluence of minnesota & mississippi rivers
mid-continent north america
jessica [at]

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