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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 05:30:48 -0500
On Mon, 3 Jun 1996 21:24:30 -0500, 
Leni Reed   <ssavvy [at]> wrote:
>Now the good news.  The new bestselling book, Clicking, by Faith Popcorn
>(trend guru to Fortune 500 companies) and Lys Marigold has 2 1/2 pages about
>cohousing under the subchapter heading, "Communal Clanning: Family by
>Choice."  After reading this section, I felt that these authors have a good
>By the way.  Here's a thought, or rather a few thoughts.  Those of us who
>have the time and interest, could contact the authors, Faith and Lys, and
>congratulate them on recognizing the cohousing trend.  In addition, we could
>offer to provide them with additional info on co-housing. (Maybe even The
>CoHousing Network would want to give these authors an "award" for the first
>non-architect to mention cohousing in a popular book, if that's the case!)  

When she was speaking on Minnesota Public Radio, cohousing was 
mentioned (I was not listening but someone called me while the 
program was still on to tell me that the did not have a (local?) 
cohousing contact.  I tried to call and give them contacts 
( "under Cohousing in the Mpls business section of the phone book / 
white pages or on the web at" )   I did not get in
in part due to a the phone being tied up to give away some copies of 
her book.  I did call a week or so later on a sort of related program
and gave the cohousing contact info.)

I was talking to 'Eric' a friendly former realtor now mortgage loan 
officer a few minutes ago (we're thinking of buying the house across 
the street... with a future retrofit cohousing community in mind...).
One of the first things Eric said was that he had heard me on the 
radio 2 times...

The point is:  remember to use your local media and progressive call in


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