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From: Dorothy Zemach (
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 02:13:30 -0500
I have been following with interest the recent thread on marketing your
co-housing community, since I am coming from the other side of the fence--
looking for a nice community to join.

My family is overseas, and willing to move almost anywhere, which made for
a pretty broad search.  Here's what was most important to us:

1) ease in obtaining information.  I only wrote to communities with an e-mail
contact.  Is yours current?  6 of the ones listed on the co-housing web page
are now defunct; several others never answered my letters.  I wrote first to
those communities with web pages.

2) some kind of time-frame/financial info.  Obviously we care about when units
are/will be available, and if we could afford one.

3)  member bios.  This is far more interesting to me than a color brochure;
yet only *2* of the 30-plus places I have heard from offered member bios
(one is listed on the web page; smart move).

4) how nice the correspondence was.  Perhaps I should have listed this one
first, since it has been the most important.  We got a whole range of "vibes,"
from "Yes! We'd love to send you more information" to "Well, you'd have to
move here first, attend a few meetings, and then see if we liked you."  Guess
whom we wrote back to. Based on the warmth and helpfulness of several North
Carolina communties, we have now scheduled a summer trip to an area of the
country we had practically never heard of before.  Someone said here on the
list a few days ago that he wouldn't take an active interest in people until
they had attended three meetings.  I guess it goes both ways; I wouldn't attend
three meetings until someone had taken an active interest.

By the way, if anyone else out there (without a web page) is actively
recruiting and would be interested in a family of 3 (ESL teacher; artist/yoga
teacher; 2-year old) some time after summer 1997, we'd love to hear from you.
We're looking for somewhere clean and green, although anywhere would probably
look green after Osaka.

Dorothy Zemach
dw195005 [at]

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