Re: Promotional Literature
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 09:01:45 -0500
Corey Yugler wrote:
> 1. How important is a logo, especially in a competitive housing market.
> Some members feel since we are in a very competitive busy new housing market
> that we need to look professional. The don't believe grassroots will work
> here. A few people feel differently. We know we can just create something
> (typeface) on our computer, but should we invest in something

So far we've had a very low budget marketing approach which seems to be working 
well so far.  We rely heavily on an inroductory brochure in our initial 
contact.  It's a fairly simple little homemade piece with a homemade logo on 
the front (costs 11¢ per copy).  Although it wasn't created professionally, we 
certainly tried to create a professional look ­ homey, not slick.  We use the 
logo quite a bit and I think that it really helps to create a consisent look 
and image recognition.

I'm not sure that our low budget approach would work in all markets.  Our 
market is quite small (40,000 in the county) so we can get lots of good free 
PSA coverage for our events in the papers and on public radio.

Good luck.
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