Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference...Keynote speaker
From: JPCOACH (JPCOACHaol.com)
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 15:33:23 -0500
On July 14th, Liberty Village will host the 3rd annual Regional CoHousing
conference & Potluck at our site in Libertytown, MD.  three other coHousing
groups including the EcoVillage of Loudon Co., VA.

We're looking for a keynote speaker from an existing community to address the
gathering.  We expect over 100 people.  This is perfect for someone who is
planning to be on the East Coast at that time since we can offer lots of
hospitality, but no $. 

One good reason for being on the East Coast is that Monday the 15th of July
is the start of the 8th Annual World Future Society's General Assembly.  If
you are interested in promoting CoHousing nationally, this is the place to
be.  Over 2,000 big league participants from business, education, government,
science, etc. will be attending.  Liberty Village and Synergy CoHousing (FL)
are sharing a booth at the conference.  

If this sounds like an opportunity please respond to:

JPCoach [at] aol.com or Ann Zabaldo (301) 587-6261
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