National Ad
From: Cbwhy (
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 07:32:56 -0500
Thanks JPCoach for mentioning the Futurist conference where Liberty Village
and Synergy will be promoting the national movement. At the Burning Souls day
in Boulder last year many people talked about wanting to promote a  cohousing
on a national scale. In addition to our participation at the above mentioned
conference we will be placing at least one ad in the Futurist magazine. We
were hoping that groups (communities or umbrella groups) from different
regions would be interested in participating so when readers look at the
bottom of the ad they will see how we are everywhere. Unfortunately we have
not gotten the response we had expected. 
So- This is your last chance to be in that ad. We have to put the copy in
June 21. Yes we are asking for contributions towards it. Please respond  by
email or phone if you are interested.

Corey Yugler
Synergy Coho

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