Re: RE: National Ad
From: Cbwhy (
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 09:15:22 -0500
Rob thoughts regarding the problems with national advertising, that there is
no national network, were helpful in explaining why very few (3) groups
voiced even a small interest in my proposal for a national ad. Very few
groups have the interest or the energy in promoting cohousing as a national
movement. The fact is we're all just too tired OR (for you lucky ones) just
want to live in peace.

What has beeen surprising to me is that the regional groups don't see the
possibilities in advertising to a group like the futurists. Somehow I don't
think alot of  them live(futurists) in south Florida.  We don't get many
progressive, innovative creative types settling here to start  new
cyber-companies. Those people settle in the Northwest, the Rockies, or
California( basically, everywhere but here). That's why I thought the
established umbrella groups would jump at this.

Rob writes>>It may very well be that it will take having 100 or more built
and occupied projects before there is enough energy to sustain a national
organization that could do national level promotion, write grants, etc.

I believe he is right. I also believe that until groups  from around the
country perceive  common interests there will be no national movement.  Our
group sees this commonality now.

 For Synergy the purpose of this adventure to the Futurist's conference is to
plant a seed in their minds of a possibility of how the future could look. We
will have copies of the latest No. American Coho list to pass out so get
ready for the futurist deluge. We will probably have newsclippings, books,
maybe Zev's video (if electricity doesn't cost too much). We have photos of
the 5 built communities we've visit.We'd take more if someone wanted to send

If anyone has some great ideas for ways to showcase cohousing please pass it
on directly to me.   Also, if anyone gets calls or inquiries from this
endeavor, please let us know too.

Corey Yugler
Synergy Coho

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