another try at affordability/diversity
From: Donna L. McDaniel (76063.1150CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 21:11:05 -0500
I sent a message off a few days ago and, for reasons that I shll
never understand, what you got was a subjectd line about
affordability/diversity and then some windows/compuserve kind of
instructions, particularly odd since I don't even have windows!
Sometimes these computers confound me...

Anyway, interestingly, I have already received some very helpful
replies--even without having the questions transmitted--and thanks
to all of you! So here is what I hope you will get this time.

I'm a member of Commonweal Cohousing Group and an experienced free
lance writer preparing a 2,000 word article on community and
cohousing for Sojourner, a monthly feminist publication in Boston.

I'm looking for some comments from you out there.

They've asked me to cover community building and how (if) the
wishes for affordability and diversity are fulfilled--all related
to the question of whether this cohousing movement is essentially
a white middle-class phenomenon (no matter how hard we might try?).

I'm trying valiantly to use the list archives, though technology
seems not to be helping me, but I really want to ask those of you
who are interested in these topics to send me a comment or two for
any part of these questions:

Have you tried to make your cohousing affordable? How? How much
success? What works or doesn't?

Similarly, have you tried to make your cohousing diverse--in some
ways reflecting the diversity of America?

PLEASE BE SUCCINCT. (And I do have a deadline, so I need to hear by
June 15.)

you give permission by responding. If you request, I will send you
back whatever I intend to use of what you said... for a check by

Thank you so very much! 
P.S. Cohousing is getting good play in the press in Mass. of late,
what with construction of New View and Commonweal activity, also in
the western suburbs. There are also two groups in Cambridge on the
verge of getting their sites and one just forming in Jamaica Plain
(part of Boston).

Donna McDaniel

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