Re: RE Diversity
From: Michael Omogrosso (
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 11:36:57 -0500
So, Buzz, you want a community composed entirely of men your age who are 
white (I assume you are not black or any other minority of color) and 
went through the same expeiriences as you?  The women of your group, must 
they be three to five years younger?  Must the background of your coho be 
from abusive homes or parentally restrictive homes? Must the religious 
background be exclusively southern baptist or roman catholic to ensure a 
common dialogue?

Buzz, they are people who bleed when stabbed or having a period, have 
heard the word of any number of gods--acid, money, sex, self endulgence--
just like you, and may or may not be cooperatively inclined.

Now, as you may know, I tend to get my philosophies and movements (bowel
or otherwise) mixed up a bit, but what I do know is commonality is
something that must be worked on.  When I grew up in Los Angeles, my
buddies were Japanese-American, Latin-American, African-American, 
Euro-American, and there were others on the block 
I call egocentric-American. We all experienced, 
hatred, crime, poverty--the difference was only visible with the 
egocentric-Americans.  They were the ethnic groups who exclusively banded 
together into cliques which separtely represented distinct parts of the 
globe. We were the ethnic 
desendants who banded together regardless of color but because of our 
commonality of heart and soul.

Buzz there wasn't a white sheet (KKK for you more protected readers) among 
us.  They, though, had sets of sheets colored after their pride.

Buzz why don't you tie-dye that white sheet of yours and join us.

Michael Omogrosso
East Blair Housing Cooperative
864 W. 4th Ave. #3, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA
omo [at]    541-344-8444
photographer, community land trust advocate

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