Growing Developers
From: Zpaiss (
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 17:35:54 -0500

All this talk about the difficulties of developing cohousing just strengthens
my desire to find, train and grow more developers who already have
development experience and are looking for new ways to apply their trade.

CoHousing can be done without the help of developers but it is a lot of work.
 Why not entice a handful of midsize to large developers around the country
to get involved and help us build our communities?  I think it is a good
idea.  If you agree, then tell any local developers you know about the
"Developing CoHousing Communities"  seminar I am helping to put on in October
here in Colorado.  They will leave here knowing a great deal more about the
CoHousing concept and will hopefully go home and make it happen!

If any of you want me to send information to them, just send me a name and
address.  I will be happy to send you the information if you want to pass it
on first hand.  

Especially those of you currently looking for a developer, this is a great
way to teach them what it is all about and feel more confident that they will
be a better team player with your group.

Take Care,

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