Re: Limits on # of households
From: Tom Lent (
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 08:14:55 -0500
We are one of the small cohousing communities - currently 13
households with 19 adults and 6 kids (just one 2 bedroom house still
available! ) Our small size was not the original group's ideal. It is
just the maximum we could fit into this small urban space (300 feet
by 100 feet) given the existing buildings on it and what we could
comfortably add (pack) in and zoning restrictions, etc. We are doing
OK with our size, but we certainly do have some heavy conflicts
requiring mediation between people with very unlike ways. I am
trusting that once we are finished with this very intense
development process the pressure on everyone will go down and we will 
have less of that. Overall, I think we would be a stronger community 
if we were somewhat larger by being able to have a bit more social 
space between people who aren't as compatible. But I am more 
comfortable with the small numbers than I thought I would be.

Tom Lent 
the Berkeley (CA) Cohousing project with many names
Tom Lent * 2220-A Sacramento St * Berkeley, CA 94702-1907
           email: tlent [at] * phone: 510/845-5243
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