How many is too many?
From: MelaSilva (
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 11:42:17 -0500
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> it is harder to accept each persons idiosynchracies when there are too many

I guess I mean in terms of rules and regs. I have long felt that we are
amazingly flexible in accepting that this one won't do this and that one
won't do that, because we can see that they contribute in other ways. If
there were twice as many people, would I be able to just accept that, or
would I want to make sure everyone was doing what they are supposed to? How
many people before you have to have "police" of some sort, making sure that
rules are followed?

Nyland has 42 homes and 130 people, but it is located on 42 acres! Surely
that mitigates a lot of the problems. Interesting, Cambridge, how you still
didn't say how big your lot is! Urban infill is still urban, with
noise/animals/kids/parking causing people to fuss and argue. I would think
long and hard before I would go from 36  to 41 units on less than 4 acres,
which is what it sounds like you have.

Mela Silva
Southside Park
Sacramento CA 

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