Re: Unit pricing differential: request for info
From: Denise Meier and/or Michael Jacob (
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 19:43:07 -0500
Dear Harriet, 

We're not likely to have as many differences in our units (smaller
property, no views to speak of, other differences likely to be valued
differently by different folks, like proximity or distance to common house
and parking, may be seen by two people as advantage or disadvantage....)

We are allowing each person to choose their unit in order of seniority;
this rewards those who came in early, perhaps ultimately financially if
the resale value down the road is actually any higher. I don't expect that
to be significant, though.

We will be having the entire project appraised, both before we build and
again when we are going for our mortgages. If the appraiser were to value
some units considerably higher than others, we might consider modifying
sale prices to our members. It's not clear how we will work it, but I'd be
happy to keep you posted.

I'm guessing you're involved in the Santa Cruz group? Our friends David
Silverglate and Suzanne Berman were involved for a while but just dropped
out, we found out.  Best of luck and keep the list posted - it's always
heartening to read about other projects....

We're up before the city council on August 6th for our final "political"
approval; there will be other city approvals to obtain and the financial
gauntlet to navigate, but this is a big one to get past. Keep your fingers
crossed for us....

Denise Meier
Jewell Hill Cohousing
Sebastopol, Sonoma County

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