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From: Conkling, Rowena (
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 09:26:52 -0500

Hi Donna

Our group is currently called Cambridge Cohousing - very dull but we haven't 
had time to deal with picking a new name.  One of our households happens to 
consist of the partners in Oaktree, Inc., and Oaktree is acting as our 
developer.  The group started in January 1995, I came aboard about a year 
ago, and we went through two sites until we found our current site early 
this year.  We have a P&S on the site on Richdate Ave. in Cambridge, a few 
minutes from Porter Square, and expect to close September 9.  At this time 
we are holding meetings several times a week on design matters (I thnk the 
architect really appreciates the input from the group, we certainly 
appreciate seeing our ideas respected), completing our membership (25 full, 
4 prospective, 12 to go), and financing (we have the purchase price, 
long-term affodability is still a problem), sustainability (we are probably 
going with the Eco-Design Housing), etc.

Cornerstone isbasically an Arlington group, although most recently they were 
looking at a Cambridge site (I understand the owner/developer pulled out). 
 They have been working for several years with the Cohousing Center in 
Watertown.  A couple of Cornerstone households recently joined Cambridge 

We've been so busy getting the community off the ground, we haven't had much 
time for hanging on the Web, etc.  Once we have our permit and construction 
is starting we'll be able to lay back a bit.  I think our group has 
attracted type-A people or something.  The core group members all seemed to 
feel that working together was the best way to get to know each other in 
depth - we've now got some new members who are much more into  socializing 
and, guess what, the original members like it just fine.  We just had a 
week-end "retreat" on the Cape where we got a lot of "community-building" 
work done and also had a blast - turns out there are a lot of music makers 
in the group as well as some terrific cooks!

I now have my own e-mail address:  Rowenac [at]

From: Donna L. McDaniel
To: Rowena
Subject: Question
Date: Sunday, July 28, 1996 7:18PM

Hi.. I'm sending you a copy of my article but also wondering when I see you
talking about "Cambridge cohousing" what group you mean... are you with
(assuming not Cornerstone) or is there anotheer Cambridge group? In fact, 
that I think of it, tghere must be since you are talking about having land 
not sure the others do.

Interested in knowing what's up.



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