cohousing w/in larger development
From: Mable Kinzie (
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 14:58:00 -0500
We at Charlottesville Cohousing are in the site selection process.  A local
developer has some interest in working with us to incorporate a cohousing
neighborhood within his larger development and he wants to know if
residents of the larger development will be able to join us for dinner, use
some of the common facilities, etc.  As you might guess, we have
reservations about this but wonder what relationship we could work to have
with the residents of the surrounding development.  We don't want to be an
isolated neighborhood looking only inward.

I know that some cohousing communities (Muir Commons comes to mind) have
been developed as part of a larger development.  We would sure appreciate
any insights you might have about the relationship between the two, and the
types of interaction that are pursued.

Thanks!  We learn a lot every day from this list!


Mable Kinzie
Charlottesville (VA) Cohousing

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