Re: cohousing w/in larger development
From: Jim Nordgaard (
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 16:58:05 -0500
Mable Kinzie wrote:
> We at Charlottesville Cohousing are in the site selection process.  A local
> developer has some interest in working with us to incorporate a cohousing
> neighborhood within his larger development and he wants to know if
> residents of the larger development will be able to join us for dinner, use
> some of the common facilities, etc.  

Here at Monterey Cohousing Community (MOCOCO) there are associate members, who 
live outside of the community (with one exception, who rents a room here).  
Beyond a nominal monthly dues, associate members are expected to participate in 
meetings and work teams, as well as enjoy the benefits of the community.  This 
serves not only as an intermediate step to becoming a resident member, but for 
those who wish to be part of the community but are unable to live here.

You could tell the developer, sure, as long as those residents are also willing 
to participate in building and maintaining your community.  What you need to 
avoid is letting the developer think he can promise free "community services" 
from your community, to his prospective buyers, without mentioning the 
obligations. A requirement of a formal "associate" type membership might make 
this clear.

It might be tempting to (if it comes to this) bow to such demands from the 
developer in order for the community to happen at all, however, IMO, this would 
seriously risk to whole spirit of the community.
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