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>We're looking for several housemates to complete our 8 member vegetarian
>household in Boston.
>Please call or email for more information, but here are a few details:
>  *  Immense house in Upham's Corner, Dorchester.
>  *  Woodstoves, Laundry room, Ample parking.
>  *  Large yard and garden.
>  *  Integrated neighborhood.
>  *  We're Food Coop members
>  *  Near the T (public transportation)
>  *  Non-smoking
>  *  A commitment to group living:  housemeetings, shared chores, cooking
>Rent is $325 - $360 + utilities.  Interested folks of any race, affectional
>preference, age (we're currently 30s-60s), please call: 617/265-1563

Sounds like a great place!  If future plans involved Boston, you
would definately have two interested individuals calling you.
Does anyone know if there is any cohousing group located in
Missoula, Montana?  That's where my (vegetarian) boyfriend and
i are moving in 10 days.
Hope this post is appropriate.  If there is a coho classified
website, please pardon and kindly direct me accordingly.

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